The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2 has donated a total of 15,000 board feet of forest products to the Department of Education (DepEd) in Nueva Vizcaya province.
The forest products were turned over by the FCF Minerals after these were affected by the development in the mining area.
The turnover of the confiscated common hardwood lumber was formalized on Aug. 28 through the signing of the Deed of Donation between DENR Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan and Schools Division Superintendent Rachel L. Llana represented by Roscoe N. Gacusana, senior education program specialist.
“Our common goal is the improvement of government service in this region,” Director Bambalan said in her message. She added that other government agencies can avail of the confiscated forest products provided they submit request and indicate the purpose of which the forest products will be used. “We just make sure that all requirements are in place before disposal,” she emphasized.
Gacusana conveyed appreciation to the DENR for the assistance which will make schools conducive for learning. He said the lumber will be utilized by 12 recipient elementary and secondary schools for infrastructure projects and school building improvement.
On the same occasion, the DENR recognized uniformed personnel in the province for their assistance in the campaign for intensified forest protection and anti-illegal logging.
Six Philippine National Police (PNP) officers in Sta. Fe town led by Police Captain Ernie C. Cruz received certificate of recognition for the apprehension of undocumented 139 pieces of Narra and Rosewood lumber with a total volume of 472.18 board feet in Barangay Tactac. The police officials apprehended the forest products on Aug. 23 while operating a COVID-19 checkpoint.
The PNP officers in Bambang town were also recognized for the apprehension of undocumented Gmelina lumber and knockdown furniture in three incidents in barangays Sto. Domingo and Mauan.
According to Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer Giovannie M. Magat, the team apprehended on Mar. 8 undocumented 272 bd.ft. of Gmelina lumber loaded in a Toyota Hi-Ace Van while monitoring compliance against the African Swine Fever in Barangay Sto. Domingo. Three days later, another apprehension of 1,100 bd.ft. of knockdown Gmelina furniture loaded in an Isuzu Elf was recorded in the same barangay. On Mar. 27, the PNP also apprehended 263.5 bd.ft. of Gmelina lumber in Barangay Mauan.
With the chiefs of police committing full support in the campaign, Director Bambalan pinned her hopes to prevent illegal logging at source. “Sana sa bundok pa lang, mahinto na ang cutting,” she said.
The DENR Cagayan Valley chief explained that trees are allowed to be cut if these are planted species in a private lot. “The cutting, however, should be covered with the necessary tree cutting permits from the DENR,” Director Bambalan said as she instructed the PENR and CENR Officers of Nueva Vizcaya to facilitate submission of requests for permits to avoid unauthorized transport of forest products.
During the awarding ceremony, Director Bambalan requested the PNP to include the protection of wildlife and other natural resources in their surveillance activities. She also announced her plan for a virtual orientation on environmental laws for police officers.#