In a concerted effort to foster environmental consciousness, Isabela Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) staff conducted information campaign on ecological solid waste management across various barangays and hospitals in City of Ilagan, Isabela.
Aligned with Zero Waste Month celebration observed every January, the initiative aims to raise awareness about responsible waste disposal practices and encourage community participation in maintaining a cleaner and greener environment.
As part of the campaign, PENRO Isabela team also organized a cleanup activity within the office premises demonstrating the employees’ commitment to leading by example in the pursuit of sustainable waste management.
The distributed posters provide practical tips and guidelines for proper waste segregation, recycling, and reducing single-use plastics, empowering local communities to engage in environmental conservation programs.
PENRO Isabela also urged the public for their support towards fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, emphasizing the importance of individual actions in achieving broader sustainability goals.#
(PENRO Isabela)