RICE STRAW SPEEDS UP BAMBOO PROPAGATION. Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 2 has lauded the new, effective and economical ways in propagating bamboos during her recent monitoring at the mechanized and modernized forest nursery (MMFN) in Solana, Cagayan.
The use of rice straw, a byproduct of rice production after harvest, in the incubation or root-growing stage of bamboo production was initiated by Forester Pedro S. Callo Jr., project management officer, for trial and observation.
“We observed that bamboo propagules now only take 10-15 days to grow their roots and buds unlike when we were propagating bamboos in the traditional seedbed,” Callo said.
He added that rice straw helps maintain the moisture of the bamboo culms. “Dehydration of propagules is prevented and the growth of roots becomes faster,” he said.
The MMFN houses several bamboo species like bayog, kawayan kiling, and kawayan tinik.
These will be planted for riverbank stabilization in support of the Cagayan River rehabilitation.
Other waste materials such as coconut fibers, rice hulls, grasses, and trimmed leaves and stems are also being used in the propagation. While waiting for the seedlings to grow and as an additional source of food, the personnel also grow mushrooms on the rice hull.#