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Looking for inspiration to start or continue with the National Greening Program (NGP)? Learn from the success of the Bugkalot Casecnan Coffee Producers Cooperative (BCCPC).  

In 2014, the BCCP partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for a 200-hectare site for the NGP. This area is planted with coffee. After four years of maintenance and protection, the project yielded a product that rocked the international market.

The product, named Bugkalot Coffee, comes in a package of 250 grams of ground coffee beans which is at par with those produced by Latin America, Eastern Africa and Arabia. Its smooth taste and relaxing aroma when brewed captivates the taste of every coffee lover. Best roasters classify the Bugkalot Coffee as Grade 1 to 2 following the coffee standards.

This Pinoy product was first introduced by Mr. Joseph C. Tan-chi, Chairman of the Bugkalot Coffee Company, Inc. (BCCI), to his friends in the United States who later considered it to be the best gift during special occasions because of its quality and aroma. Besides,  the price is a bit lower than the best in the international market considering that it is a starter.

Bugkalot Coffee is also offered in the form of roasted coffee beans. The roasted product is being distributed to a coffee company who converts these roasted beans to granules. This company advised the BCCI to join in the Manila Coffee Festival in 2018 to advertise the Bugkalot Coffee.

In 2018, BCCI decided to introduce Bugkalot Coffee in the market by participating in the Manila Coffee Festival. The Cooperative did not have the apprehension that it will run out of supply because of the festival’s limited duration that also limited the interested buyers. It was thinking that the product will be fully advertised only when supplies are sufficient to address the bigger demand.

The problem on supply is addressed when the yield of coffee tremendously increased. “We got a surprising yield of 2.5 tons in 2018 compared to 300 kilograms in 2017,” Tan-chi proudly declared.

Today, through the support of the Department of Agriculture and the Municipal Local Government Unit of Dupax Del Sur, BCCI and BCCPC easily acquired the machineries used for coffee processing. They are now using one Dehuller machine used in peeling the cherries and Depulper machine for removing the pulp after the red cherries are picked from the coffee bushes before fermentation.

The members of the BCCPC are very lucky. They found a partner, the BCCI, who did not only uplift their economic status but more importantly, brought missionaries that have awaken their spiritual life. The sweet aroma of success indeed!#