Provincial Releases

SUPPORT TO WETLANDS PROTECTION. In celebration of the World Wetlands Day, the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) and the different Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENROs) in Isabela conducted several activities highlighting wetlands protection.
Wetlands are land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally.
A focus group discussion on the importance of wetlands was conducted to encourage actions, boost engagement, promote learning and solicit public support on the protection of wetland areas in the province.
Educational campaign, cleanup, tree planting, water hyacinth removal, birdwatching, and wetland site visits involving employees and park staff of CENROs Cabagan, Naguilian, Cauayan, Palanan, San Isidro, and PENRO sub-office Roxas and the local community were also held.
PENRO Isabela renewed its commitment to remove the water hyacinths by collaborating with nearby local fishing communities. The cleanup of the water hyacinths helps maintain a good water flow and water quality.
Meanwhile, the municipal and barangay local government units, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, CENROs Palanan, Cabagan, San Isidro, Cauayan, and PENRO sub-office Roxas together with people's organization, Small Water Impounding Association and Active Leading Youth Association planted 650 saplings of different species in wetland areas in Sta. Maria, Jones, Palanan, Angadanan and Quirino towns.
The wetlands in Isabela are Sta. Catalina wetland (Sta Catalina, Quirino), Balligi small water impounding dam (Sto.
Domingo Quirino), Malasi lakes "dakal" and "badi" (San Antonio, Cabagan), Diburiburan wetland (Divilican), Viga wetland (Viga, Angadanan), Monterey lagoons (San Luis, Cauayan), Usol Jones small water impounding dam (Usol, Jones), Magat Dam Reservoir (Aguinaldo, Ramon), Blue River (Antagan 1st, Tumauini), proposed bird breeding ground and sanctuary (Calamagui Sur, Sta. Maria), Dunoy Lake I & II (Dibuluan, San Mariano) and Disulap River in Disulap, San Mariano.# (PENRO Isabela)

WETLANDS CONSERVATION. Over 50 volunteers planted mangrove and beach forest species in a coastal wetland in Brgy. Maligaya in Palanan, Isabela in celebration of the World Wetlands Day today.

Anchored with the theme, “Wetlands Action for People and Nature,” the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in Palanan was joined by the local government unit, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, barangay officials and locals in the said planting activity.

“We want to raise the community’s awareness on the importance of saving our wetlands through tree planting,” said In-charge, Office of the CENRO Reynaldo Ramos.

Around 340 seedlings were planted in the wetland area to include Tabigi (Xylocarpus granatum), Bakhaw lalaki (Rhizophora apiculata), Bakhaw babae (Rhizophora mucronata), Botong (Barringtonia asiatica) and Agoho (Casuarina equisetifolia).

“We will be monitoring the growth of the planted species as these will be of great help for coastal protection during typhoons,” said Forester Ramos.


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Isabela’s reforestation effort along selected rivers in the province with various bamboo species is now in full swing. A mutual covenant was set through with the Barangay Local Government Unit of Alinguigan 2nd in Ilagan City through Barangay Chairman Heherson L. Rivero and DENR Isabela represented by Chief, Technical Services Division Reynaldo M. Ramos witnessed by Barangay Councilor Corazon Gangan.

Under the MOA, the DENR provides the necessary technical assistance in the plantation, maintenance, and protection of planted bamboo and forest tree seedlings; provides planting materials, seedlings to be planted along the river banks, and monitor the seedlings planted to ensure a 100% survival while the BLGU shall be responsible for the maintenance and protection; continue to grow bamboo and other available indigenous forest tree species along the riverbank; and undertake any other actions necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

The identified area along the Pinacanauan de Ilaguen was planted with bamboo seedlings to help prevent riverbank erosion and siltation, one of the strategies that the Build Back Better Task Force has adopted to rehabilitate the Cagayan River.

In Isabela, 2,977 bamboo seedlings have been planted by the PENRO Isabela, CENROs Naguilian, Cabagan, Cauayan, Palanan, San Isidro, and PENRO Sub-office Roxas, Local Government Units (LGUs), Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP), Isabela Provincial Police Office (IPPO) men and women, Barangay officials and Youth Councils, Community members and some members of the Society of Filipino Foresters, Isabela Chapter, covering approximately 652 hectares, along riverbanks.#PENRO Isabela


Barangay Officials from San Ignacio, Sta Isabel, Lulutan, Calamagui 2nd, Baligatan, and Bangag in the City of Ilagan vouched for unwavering support to DENR programs, especially the Build Back Better (BBB) of President Rodrigo Duterte chaired by Secretary Roy A. Cimatu.

The six Barangays expressed involvement by signifying their intention by signing the pledge of commitment to uphold cooperation supporting Executive Order No 120, such as delineating legal easements, identifying and removing the sand bars and bamboo seedlings production, and plantation along riparian zones.

PENRO Isabela and CENRO Naguilian IEC Team tackled several approaches to achieve the principles of BBB to ensure continued partnership and commitment with the communities towards efficient and effective typhoon mitigation and management. CENRO Naguilian Rolando Siggayo discussed EO 120 signed by President Duterte that ensures post-disaster rehabilitation and recovery efforts beginning with those ravaged by typhoon Ulysses. He said that the BBB Task Force is a high-level institutional platform that will streamline and expedite the recovery and rehabilitation of the Cagayan Rivers, capable of withstanding calamities and protecting communities during times of disaster.

Mines and Geoscience Bureau (MGB) Science Research Specialist Jessa Ammugauan also said that the rehabilitation of flood control structures and the planting of bamboo and other indigenous species along the Cagayan River and its tributaries is to help protect vulnerable communities as well as boost resilience to erosion and the legal easement delivers sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the urban population.

BBB PENRO Isabela focal person, SEMS Baltazar Ranin, urged the officials to extend support to the DENR Survey Team during the delineation and demarcation of legal easements at the identified areas. Ilagan City ENRO, represented by Foresters Elvis Bayad and Pablo Cabaccan, empowered the communities to focus on recovery and rehabilitation preparedness measures before the activities will be implemented.

Forester Lena Mariel D. Telan, BBB CENRO Naguilian focal person, outlined growing several bamboo species planted and the importance of mixed planting with suitable species to help stabilize streams and riverbanks. At the request of Barangay chairpersons on the bamboo seedlings provided to the Cash forward beneficiaries, the City ENRO representatives pledged to distribute additional seedlings.

The Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) also lauded the PENRO isabela, CENRO Naguilian, and the City of Ilagan ENRO for their insights into a consultation meeting.#PENRO Isabela

IN PHOTOS: The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Cagayan province through Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (PENR) Officer Eliseo Mabasa and the Cagayan Police Provincial Office (CPPO) through Provincial Director Renell Sabaldica have earlier entered into a Memorandum of Undertaking (MOU) for a joint environmental protection and preservation during the launch of the "Clean and Green: CPPO Dream program held in Brgy. Cataggaman Viejo, Tuguegarao City.
Engr. Mabasa expressed his appreciation to the Philippine National Police for their support to the DENR’s mandate through the launch of the said program.
Pursuant to the MOU, the PENR Office shall assist in the identification of sites and in the provision of technical assistance and seedlings for the tree planting activities to be undertaken by the CPPO all throughout the province.
A bamboo planting activity followed the signing of the MOU where 300 bamboo propagules were planted along the Cagayan River.# (PENRO Cagayan)