Increasing Environmental input and better implementation of the DENR programs and projects, a symposium was conducted on June 3, 2022, at the DENR-PENRO Pinaroc Hall in observance of the Environment Month Celebration.
The discussion was designed for the DENR Employees' Dependents to equip them with the necessary knowledge of the Department's programs, engage in tree growing activity and exposure to nature, mainly in the Fuyot Spring Natural Park, and appreciate their parents' work and contribute to the environmental sustainability.
Resources speakers from the PENRO Technical Services Division, Provincial Environment Management Office Isabela, Office of the Park Operation Superintendent and Protected Area Superintendent, and Provincial Strategic Communication Initiatives Group Balrazar Ranin, Vicky Pataguan, Nestor Lorenzo, Junee Amor Mijares and Racquel Caldez tackled the topic of Basic Provision Presidential Degree 705 on the Forestry Reform Code of the Philippines, Ecological Solid Waste Management, Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park and Biological and Ecology of Philippine Eagle, Fuyot Spring Natural Park, DENR priority programs and calendar of events.
PENRO Orly T. Cariazo emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts of taking action to care for the environment for present and future generations.
DENR Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan, who authored to have an activity for the employee's dependents, expressed elation for the conduct of the symposium.
The Director called for a collective, transformative action to protect and develop the environment for the dependents and future generations.
She encouraged the participants to listen intently and raise questions to the speakers on the importance of taking care of natural resources for environmental sustainability.
Participating Dependents joined in the prepared question and answer portion to instill environmental awareness. Winners were given cell phone loads, DENR collaterals, medals and certificates.
Selected representatives from CENROs Cauayan, Palanan, San Isidro, Naguilian, Cabagan, PENRO Sub-office Roxas, and PENRO Isabela Dependents gave impressive messages emphasizing a well-organized symposium, learned knowledge at a very high level despite the difficult time of the pandemic.
The event also provided a chance to share knowledge on the importance of oceans and sea turtles through film showing.
Forester Menerlly Rafael demonstrated the techniques on how to plant a tree during the planting activity.
A mascot, resembling a bird, was introduced to the dependents to promote the bird's relevance. The bird 'Isabela Oriole' was named after Isabela, where it was discovered in 1894, and is locally known as "kiyaw" because of the sound it creates that is reminiscent of a flute.
The mascot's presence, who was seen dancing and performing in the symposium, boosted communication, education, and public awareness of the protection and conservation of the flagship species.