SUPPORT TO WETLANDS PROTECTION. In celebration of the World Wetlands Day, the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) and the different Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENROs) in Isabela conducted several activities highlighting wetlands protection.
Wetlands are land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally.
A focus group discussion on the importance of wetlands was conducted to encourage actions, boost engagement, promote learning and solicit public support on the protection of wetland areas in the province.
Educational campaign, cleanup, tree planting, water hyacinth removal, birdwatching, and wetland site visits involving employees and park staff of CENROs Cabagan, Naguilian, Cauayan, Palanan, San Isidro, and PENRO sub-office Roxas and the local community were also held.
PENRO Isabela renewed its commitment to remove the water hyacinths by collaborating with nearby local fishing communities. The cleanup of the water hyacinths helps maintain a good water flow and water quality.
Meanwhile, the municipal and barangay local government units, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, CENROs Palanan, Cabagan, San Isidro, Cauayan, and PENRO sub-office Roxas together with people's organization, Small Water Impounding Association and Active Leading Youth Association planted 650 saplings of different species in wetland areas in Sta. Maria, Jones, Palanan, Angadanan and Quirino towns.
The wetlands in Isabela are Sta. Catalina wetland (Sta Catalina, Quirino), Balligi small water impounding dam (Sto.
Domingo Quirino), Malasi lakes "dakal" and "badi" (San Antonio, Cabagan), Diburiburan wetland (Divilican), Viga wetland (Viga, Angadanan), Monterey lagoons (San Luis, Cauayan), Usol Jones small water impounding dam (Usol, Jones), Magat Dam Reservoir (Aguinaldo, Ramon), Blue River (Antagan 1st, Tumauini), proposed bird breeding ground and sanctuary (Calamagui Sur, Sta. Maria), Dunoy Lake I & II (Dibuluan, San Mariano) and Disulap River in Disulap, San Mariano.# (PENRO Isabela)