Secretary Gina Lopez has allayed fears of massive transfers within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) following the replacement of top officials in the agency's human resources department.

Some members of the DENR Employees' Union (DENREU), mostly from the personnel division, staged a rally on Friday in front of the DENR main building to protest against the move to transfer Miriam Marcelo, personnel division chief, and Rolando Castro, director for human resources, to another department.

Lopez met with the protesting employees and assured them that none of them will be removed from their current posts.

"This is not only my organization. It is also yours," Lopez told the protesters.

She then explained that the reported transfer was part of an "organizational change" aimed at making the DENR's human resources department "a visionary in building an organization."

Lopez underscored the need for a "visionary person" to head such important unit in the agency.

"If the human resources [department] is just following rules and regulations, we won't be able to fly," Lopez pointed out.

She also explained that Castro is on "status quo" and that she already talked to him about the current situation.

"We will work together to bring on a better country, and we will work together to bring on a better DENR," Lopez said. #