The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Nueva Vizcaya has recently launched 'Kali,' a mascot flagship species known as North Rufous Hornbill representing the biodiversity richness of the Casecnan Protected Landscape (CPL).
Kali’s head resembles the Bugkalot leaders' headdress worn during festivities. It symbolizes their bravery and strength as headhunters while the bird serves as mountain clock chirping every hour in the mountainous area of Casecnan.
The Philippine Hornbill locally known as 'Kalaw' is one of the endangered species included in the national list of threatened terrestrial fauna of the Philippines.
Introduced at Kasipegan and Panlingalingan festivals in Alfonso Castaneda and Dupax Del Sur towns, respectively, mascot Kali promotes the importance of preserving indigenous practices in conserving and protecting the environment and natural resources.
Kali joined the festival’s parade around the town centers where huge crowd cheered while apreciating the importance of wildlife to nature conservation.
Kali gave away information, education, and communication (IEC) materials like eco-tumblers and pamphlets to students and teachers who participated during the campaign spearheaded by the CPL-PAMO under the supervision of forester-lawyer Junny Vic Andaya, protected area superintendent.
Conservation measures to enhance protected area management such as reforestation, enforcement of anti-wildlife poaching, self-discipline, and proper segregation of garbage were views generated from the community during the IEC question and answer portion.#
By CENRO Dupax