The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2 has resumed accepting applications for the processing and issuance of certificate of chainsaw registration.
In a media interview, Enforcement Division Chief Joel Daquioag announced yesterday that all Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENROs) are now accepting applications for chainsaw registration.
In December 2020, DENR Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan issued memorandum directing all CENROs to momentarily suspend the issuance of chainsaw registration due to the alarming increased number of chainsaws registered all over the region considering that Region 2 has only 1 million hectares of forest cover.
โ€œMost of the issued certificates of chainsaw registration in 2020 have already expired leaving only at least 300 registered chainsaws to date,โ€ said Forester Daquioag who also led in the chainsaw monitoring and assessment for the region to reaccept said application.
To regulate the use of chainsaws, Director Bambalan ordered the CENR Officers to strictly exercise due diligence in the processing and issuance of certificate of chainsaw registration.
Forester Daquioag discussed Department Administrative Order (DAO) 2003-24 or the "Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Chainsaw Act of 2002" where he emphasized the eligibility of applicants.
He said the chainsaw owners are allowed to register to include holder of a subsisting timber license agreement or any qualified lease agreement and tenurial instrument granted by the government; orchard or fruit tree farmer; industrial tree farmer; licensed wood processor; and anyone who shows satisfactory proof that the possession or use of chainsaw is for legal purpose.
Government agencies and government owned and controlled corporations that use chainsaws in some aspects of their functions are also qualified for registration. โ€œThese include road widening, rehabilitation, and disaster preparedness activities,โ€ added Forester Daquioag.
He also informed the new classification of chainsaws which are also subject for registration as defined in DAO 2018-09 or "Amending Administrative Order No. 24 s. 2003, Implementing RA 9175, known as Chainsaw Act".
Among the equipment classified as chainsaw include portable rotary lathe, mobile or portable band saw, wood mizer, mobile or portable wood chipper, or wood edger, and any portable power saw or similar cutting implement rendered operative by an electric or internal combustion engine.
The CENR Offices are likewise directed to strictly monitor the use of chainsaws and to submit monthly reports of registered chainsaws to the regional office for monitoring purposes.
โ€œThe applicants will be carefully evaluated to regulate the issuance of certificates of registration,โ€ said the enforcement chief.
The certificate of chainsaw registration is a document that authorizes the use of chainsaw as an equipment used during tree harvesting.#
(Photo is screenshot during the radio interview)