STRENGTHENING WATER RESOURCE UTILIZATION. The Technical Services through the Licenses, Patents and Deeds Division (LPDD) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) conducted an Online Reorientation on Water Permit Application Process.
The event participated in by heads of regulating and permitting sections in the DENR field offices is aimed at strengthening the utilization of water resources specifically in protecting rivers and watersheds as these serve as main water resource for domestic needs to include the bulk of water use in agriculture, industry and electricity purposes.
Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan of DENR earlier ordered to strengthen water regulation to properly manage and conserve water.
To complement with RA 11032 or Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, the webinar also aims to facilitate acceptance and processing of water permit in collaboration with deputized water agents (DWA) from the DENR, Department of Public Works and Highways and National Irrigation Administration.
The reorientation includes discussion in securing documentary requirements for Small Water Impounding Projects (SWIP) of DENR within the Community-Based Forest Management Project, Protected Areas, National Greening Program and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples.
LPDD Assistant Division Chief Zelda Vasquez who represented Division Chief Remedios Pauig discussed overview and update on application of water permit for government projects. She emphasized water as the most important natural resource, hence, its regulations must be strengthened.
With other resource persons Merlinda Taccad of LPDD; Jason Malamug and Penny John Cuaresma of Environmental Management Bureau Region 2; Jose Bueno of Conservation and Development Division; and Splendor Cuarteros of LPDD; the participants were apprised of Water Uses and Water Permit Application Requirements and Legal Fees; Process Steps on Securing Environmental Compliance Certificate and Certificate of Non-Coverage; Establishment of Small Water Impounding Structure (SWIS); and Additional Requirement for the Issuance of Water Permit for SWIP Projects.
Water Resource Utilization Section Chief Cuarteros reported a total of 173 water permit applications endorsed to the National Water Resources Board since the creation of WRUS in 2015 pursuant to NWRB Resolution No. 15-1116.#