PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE AND THEIR HABITAT. On World Wildlife Day, Protected Area Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section Chief Robert Rivera called for responsible waste management to protect the wildlife and their habitat.
“We should conserve the forests, wetlands and protected areas by not dumping and burning wastes therein to also protect our wildlife,” said Forester Rivera in a radio interview.
He added irresponsible waste disposal and illegal cutting of trees pose disturbance and harm to the wild as stipulated under Republic Act No. 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.
He also highlighted the importance of conserving wildlife such as birds that play a significant role in natural reforestation by dispersing seeds.
During the interview, Forester Rivera also discussed the endangered flora and fauna in the Philippines that need to be conserved.
For stray wildlife species, Rivera encouraged the community to immediately release them back to their natural habitat. However, if the species show signs of injury or poor health, they can surrender the wildlife to the nearest DENR office in their area for proper care before releasing these to the wild.#