IMPROVING MANAGEMENT - EMPLOYEES RELATIONSHIP. If we want to introduce reforms in the organization, we have to improve the foundation, the rank-and-file.
Thus, said Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan in a meeting earlier today with the officers of the employees’ union of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2.
Director Bambalan said she called for the meeting to thank the members for the support given in the previous year and to request for inputs from the Kalipunan ng mga Kawani sa Kagawaran ng Kalikasan (K4) on how to improve the operations of the agency and to address human resources concerns.
The K4 is a registered public sector labor union of the DENR’s rank-and-file employees, duly accredited by the Civil Service Commission (CSC).
During the virtual meeting, the union officers presented the sentiments of the rank-and-file on selection process, mobility of the field office personnel, internet connectivity, medical benefits and vaccination issues.
In response, the DENR regional top official assured the union that the management will always comply with existing regulations. “As the RED, I am conscious of the policy because that is our unifying thread considering our differing views and ideologies. Through the policy, we have common direction,” she emphasized.
On mobilization, she discussed the need to submit the re-fleeting program and to identify which vehicles are due for disposal.
She reported that for 2022, the region has received funding support for improvement of some office buildings and internet connection of the provinces. She also cited the ongoing construction of the elevator at the four-storey regional office through the financial assistance from the Department of Public Works and Highways.
“Last year, we ensure the provision of free drinking water for all personnel, grant of hazard and other benefits due to the personnel such as the gratuity pay for contractuals although they are not members of the K4,” Director Bambalan said as she encouraged the officers to report to the management if there were provisions in the Collective Negotiations Agreement which were not complied with.
For her part, K4 President Fe Lingan expressed gratitude to the management for the support in ensuring the welfare and wellness of the K4 members.
She also reported that the DENR Region 2 donated a total of P400,000 as financial support to the victims of Typhoon Odette.
In closing, Director Bambalan appealed for support of the union officers in the provinces to encourage all rank-and-file to get vaccinated, strictly follow health and safety protocols, and adhere to CSC regulations.#