LOOK: The Biodiversity Management Burea (BMB) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 2 released a pair of Asian Box Turtles (Cuora amboinensis) at the Malasi Tree Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (MTPWS) Critical Habitat in Cabagan, Isabela.
“We are doing our efforts to release these kinds of animals to help nourish their habitat or environment,” said Glenn Maguad, veterinarian of the BMB Wildife Rescue Center.
Dr. Maguad added the turtles needed to be taken care of by releasing them in their natural habitat. “These kinds of species are sensitive and they do not breed or reproduce easily,” explained Maguad.
The Bureau also conducted monitoring at the MTPWS which is one of the nine declared critical habitats in the country. Critical habitats are areas outside protected areas under Republic Act (R A)7586 as amended by R A 11038 that are known habitats of threatened species.
According to Ecosystems Management Specialist Pola Geneva Bumanglag, the MTPWS was declared a critical habitat to protect the population of the threatened Philippine Duck (Anas luzonica) and other waterbird species thriving in the area.#