DENR Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan leads the flag raising ceremonies at the PENR Office in City of Ilagan, Isabela.
In her message, Director Bambalan reiterated her directive for all personnel to adhere to the norms and standards of a civil servant following the incident where two DENR personnel in Isabela were entrapped by the National Bureau of Investigation for alleged extortion.
"This is a stern warning that if we exercise nonconforming behavior in the office, the rule of law will apply. We have to impose corresponding penalty, if warranted," Director Bambalan said.
She emphasized that the DENR management will ensure that all benefits will be provided to all personnel. "But if still there are nonconforming behaviors, we do the stick which is punishment," she said as she explained the "carrot and stick" principle in management.
The personnel were also reminded to improve the way work is done in the office by ensuring that all regulations are complied with. She appealed for unity among them.
"Unity is really the game for a successful organization. Please do your best in your work and we will not fail in giving you what you deserve," the regional DENR chief said in closing.#