CLEANING AND GREENING FOR SAFE SEAS. Officials and employees of the Department and Environment and Natural Resources in Region 2 participate in the river and coastal cleanup, and tree planting activities to celebrate this year's International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day.
Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan who spearheaded the activities said a limited number of personnel of the regional and field offices joined to minimize exposure to COVID-19 risks.
The ICC aims to solicit efforts in reducing short term use materials that would eventually turn into litters in the ocean and other smaller water bodies.
“We can always do small things at home and take part in protecting and conserving our oceans while being confined in it due to COVID-19 pandemic,” RED Bambalan said in a statement emphasizing the celebration’s theme, “Safe Oceans Start at Home."
The regional environment chief also reminded everyone that the health crisis the country is facing nowadays should not limit the efforts in taking actions for the environment.
A total of 150 kilograms of solid wastes were collected along the stretch of the Cagayan River and Pinacanauan de Tuguegarao River in Tuguegarao City. Majority of the collected wastes were plastic materials that include soda bottles, bags and sacks.
Field offices regionwide also conducted coastal cleanup.
Recognizing the importance of trees in preventing river siltation that pollute coastal areas, a total of 40 seedlings of rambutan and jackfruit were planted at the Rogelio B. Baggayan Nature Park and Wildlife Center.
The ICC is celebrated annually every 3rd Saturday of the Month of September by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 470 s. 2003.#