IMPROVING LAND SURVEY. Officers and members of the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. led by regional president Rosaly Florentino raise their concerns in a dialogue with DENR Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan and Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Marcos G. Dacanay.
Director Bambalan called for the meeting to thresh out issues on surveying that affect land administration and management.
“As partners, we have to have common understanding and to agree on terms for you to predict the decision of the office,” the DENR regional chief said. She explained that the office and the clients just have to comply with the requirements under existing policies issued by the Land Management Bureau like the Manual on Land Surveys. “We should not depart from these. Kung ano lang yung requirements, ‘yun lang dapat,” she said.
The top official assured that the DENR will do its best to improve the manner by which land services are delivered.
“We really need to act fast and we have to comply with the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act,” RED Bambalan emphasized as she ordered ARD Dacanay and the Surveys and Mapping Division chief to address the concerns of the geodetic engineers in accordance with existing policies.
In response, the GEP officers committed to support the DENR and work harmoniously with the agency.
The GEP, an accredited professional organization, is an active primary partner of the DENR in land survey and delineation activities. It aids the Department in the fair and judicious issuance of land patents.#