Gender and Development

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In celebration of International Women's Day (IWD), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2 held gender and development orientation for the newly-reconstituted regional gender and development focal point system, and gender sensitivity training (GST) at the Regional Office in Tuguegarao City.

β€œIn the discharge of our functions as civil servants, we should be reminded of mainstreaming gender and development (GAD) in our programs. When we talk on gender equality, we mean giving equal opportunity to stakeholders regardless of sex, religion, economic situations, among others,” Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan of DENR Region 2 underscored during her lecture on GST last March 8.

Her topic focused on basic gender concepts that aimed at empowering employees to become gender sensitive and resilient.

Director Bambalan also encouraged the environment employees to become β€˜agents’ of change and development. β€œYour role being empowered workers is important in effecting social change towards sustainable development in line with our goal to adopt climate-risk lens to planning and decision-making, and to prepare ourselves to environmental risks and hazards,” she added.

The IWD is celebrated annually every March 8 to honor the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women across the world. It aims to set a call to action to promote gender equality.

Meanwhile, a series of GAD brown bag discussions every Tuesday and Thursday in March from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. also highlights the month-long celebration of Women’s Month.

In the first Tuesday and Thursday sessions, Licenses, Patents and Deeds Division Chief Remedios Pauig discussed the Role of Women in the Family and Community, while Atty. Richard Jayson Garan, legal division chief, explained Republic Act No. 11313 known as the "Safe Spaces Act" or the Bawal Bastos Law.

Participants in the lecture series are division chiefs, assistant division chiefs, section chiefs, and GAD focal persons in the regional office.#

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Regional and field offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Cagayan Valley held its simultaneous kick-off yesterday in observance of Women's Month with a theme "We for Gender Equality, Inclusive and Resilient Economy."
In the regional office, the Search for Biggest Loser was launched, a wellness program which aims to increase productivity in the workplace where physical fitness is one factor to consider.
A ceremonial weigh-in of participating employees was conducted following a lecture on how to lose weight properly from Veronica Angel Subido, dietician and nutritionist of the Cagayan Valley Medical Center.
The first 25 women clients in the regional office who requested technical description availed for free the issuance of said land document.
Meanwhile, the field offices launched their women's month celebration through internal information drive on women empowerment and gender equality, zumba dance, moral recovery lecture, soil potting, seedling distribution, and issuance of lot status certification free of charge for the first five women survey claimants.
During the program, Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan led the employees in describing women attributes, character and attitude, through a symbolic paper butterfly posting to a woman image.
"A prayerful woman can change the world. Praying is the most powerful and life-changing things women can do," said Director Bambalan when asked how would she best described a strong wowan.#
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Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Cagayan Valley has called on empowerment of the region's men and women environment public servants.
β€œI enjoin all workers of DENR Region 2 to participate in our month-long celebration of women’s month which will be highlighted on their development and empowerment,” said the regional environment chief.
Director β€˜Mutya’ Bambalan who is also the first ever lady environment chief in the region added the levelling up on ways to celebrate the event.
β€œOur employees deserve to be provided with gender and development programs that will motivate them to work harder and be productive amid the uncertainties that we are facing due to the life's new normal,” she added.
The activities of said celebration will be an avenue for the officials and employees to be oriented on gender mainstreaming and sensitivity that is relevant in natural resource management and conservation program implementation.
Employees will also attend symposiums and brown bag discussions on health and wellness; environmental information and techology innovations; leadership and empowerment; and gender equality, inclusive and resilient society.
They will also undertake sessions on urban greening and livelihood enterprises as part of adopting climate-resilience program for the employees.
As enjoined by the DENR Central Office, the regional and field offices simultaneously hung their event streamers yesterday to drumbeat awareness on women's month celebration.
This years theme is "We, for Gender Equality, Inclusive and Resilient Society.”#
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WOMEN CAN MAKE CHANGE. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2 held the synchronized culminating activity of National Women’s Month.
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In his message, Assistant Regional Executive Director Ismael Manaligod underscored the capabilities of women as contributing factor to change and development. β€œLet us not limit our thinking, that if you are a woman employee, you can only go this far and you can only do this task. And for men, we should be sensitive on these gender roles and promote equality in our respective work environment,” the management services director said.
He also reminded that both men and women are equal in terms of capability and competence. The culminating activity was highlighted with the film viewing of the employees’ performance of the One Billion Rising Dance, the biggest mass action to end violence against women.The installation of Values Restoration Officers from the regional and field offices was also conducted in adherence with Civil Service Commission Announcement No. 40 s. 2017, and in partnership with the Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values.
Atty. Ellen Michelle Javier, learning service provider during the Gender Sensitivity Training conducted on March 7 and 14 was recognized. The training among executives and officials of DENR Region 2 was initiated by Regional Executive Director and Gender and Development Focal Point System chairperson Gwendolyn Bambalan.
The National Women’s Month celebration focused on women empowerment and their participation towards sustainable and equitable development.#




Regional Executive Director and Gender and Development Focal Point System chairperson Gwendolyn Bambalan of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 2 has initiated the conduct of Gender Sensitivity Training among executives and officials as part of the National Women’s Month celebration.  RED Bambalan encouraged the 30 men and 17 women participants to become gender sensitive and explore and find solutions to gender issues that may affect employees’ development and their performance in the department.

The training seeks to perpetuate gender discrimination biases manifested through marginalization, multiple burden, stereotyping and violence against women.  Atty. Ellen Michelle Javier of the Legal Division also acted as one of the speakers.