A. Physical Profile

CENRO Diffun covers a total land area of 79,748.00 hectares of which 33,598 hectares are classified alienable and disposable lands while the 46,150 hectares are classified as forestlands.


AGLIPAY 24,084.0
DIFFUN 30,618.0
SAGUDAY 6,826.0
TOTAL 79,748.0    

Portions lying on the east falls under Climatic Type III, which is characterized by no pronounce seasons.  Rain is evenly distributed throughout the year.  Dry season is from March to the early part of October while remaining days of October to February is wet.  The western portion falls under Climatic Type IV which is characterized by rainfall more or less evenly distributed throughout the year with dry season from March to August and wet from September to January.

  • Mean Annual Temperature

The province has a mean annual temperature of 29.4°C with a maximum of 36.6°C and a minimum of 22.2°C.  January is the coolest month while the warmest month is May.

The average relative humidity  is established at 80% with slight variation throughout the year. 

  • Mean Annual Rainfall

The average annual rainfall is 686.46mm.  The driest month is February which only 67.0mm was recorded at CENRO Diffun Rainfall Monitoring Station and the wettest is November which is 1,726.5 mm rainfall recorded. 


B. Demographic Profile

1. Population

The total population of the four municipalities under the jurisdiction of this office is 109,630 based on the 2007 Census of Population (POPCEN 2007) constituting about 67% of the provinces' total population.  Of the four municipalities, Diffun has the biggest with 42,958 inhabitant with a population density of 1.4 persons per hectare of land; followed by Cabarroguis with a total inhabitant of 28,024 with a population density of 1.54 persons per hectare, Aglipay with 25,069 inhabitants and a density of 1.04 persons per hectare and Saguday with a recorded inhabitants of 13,479 people and a density of 1.97 persons per hectare.  Of the four municipalities, Saguday is the most populated municipality.

2. Literacy Rate

3. Education

The Division of Quirino consists of eight districts having a common goal of providing quality basic education throughout the province.  For the jurisdiction of this office comprising the municipalities of Aglipay, Cabarroguis, Diffun and Saguday, there are five (5) districts with a total of 110 schools with 18,160 enrollees (SY2011-2012) broken down as follows: primary schools are 10 with 423 enrollees; elementary schools - 98 with 17,737 enrolees..

For the secondary level, there is a total of 27 schools (public -23; and private- 4) with a total enrollees of 8,804 students. (public - 8,109 and private-695)

4. Socio-Cultural Profile

  • Religion

The predominant religion is composed by the Roman Catholics followed by the Evangelicals, the Others (composed of various religious groups), the United Methodists, Iglesia ni Cristo, Protestants, Tribal Religions, United Church of Christ of the Philippines, Jehovah's Witenesses, Aglipayans, Seventh Day Adventists, Espiritistas, Philippine Episcopal Church, Philippine Benevolent Missionaries, Inc., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Philippine Baptists Church, Bible Baptists, Lutherland Church, Other Methodists and many others.

  • Ethnic Group

The ethnic groups residing within the four municipalities under the jurisdiction of this office are the following: Bago, Gaddang, Ifugao, Ibanag, Ibaloi, Itneg, Kalahan, Igorots of Mountain province, Kalinga and Kankanaey.  The dialects spoken are mostly Ilocano, being a dialect that can be spoken by almost all ethnic/tribal groups, tagalog, Ifugao, Ibaloi, Bisaya, Kankanaey, Ibanag, Gaddang Itneg, Kalahan, and Itawes and Isinai.