Physical Profile

CENRO Naguilian is the largest among the CENR Offices of the DENR within the Province of Isabela, representing 29.25% of the total land area of the province.  Generally, CENRO Naguilian has two types of climate.  The eastern and coastal areas experience moderate rainfall more or less distributed throughout the year while western Isabela has more pronounce wet and dry seasons.  The average annual temperature is 29.40 degrees Celcius and means annual rainfall is 1,700 millimeters.

Demographic Profile

Based on the year 2010 census of population, CENRO Naguilian has a population of 243,440 with a population density of approximately 78 persons per square kilometer.  Its annual population growth rate is averaging on 2.25 while the literacy rate falls on 81%.  The average of life expectancy on male is 60 yrs while on female is 70 years.



In the area of education, CENRO Naguilian are getting relatively better access to education as evidenced by the increasing number of graduates in college and secondary levels.

For the current school year, enrolees of the different schools both public and private particularly in the municipalities of Ilagan, Naguilian, Benito Soliven and San Mariano, Isabela has a total to wit: 39,187 both enrolled in public and primary and elementary school; under Secondary (private) 2,001, public 15,565, College private 3,511; public 8,379 under vocational, and technical schools, under public school; 2,826; Masteral 161, private; Masteral in Public 186; and doctorate private only 67.  The municipalities covered by this office where data were obtained officially from the DepEd and other schools.