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RD Aromin orders vigilant forest protection on Lent


The environment chief of Region 2 has ordered vigilance on illegal forest activities this Holy Week.perpetrator

In his fax message to all Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (PENR) Officers and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers (CENR) Officers on Mar. 27, this year, Regional Director Gil A. Aromin directed the field officials to establish mobile checkpoints in strategic locations within their respective territorial jurisdictions.

The mobile checkpoints should be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on rotation basis, as “perpetrators of illegal forest activities would take advantage to engage in timber poaching and transport of forest and wildlife products”.

“Further, mobilize and keep on alert all forest officers, forest rangers, forest protection be more vigilant not only in monitoring illegal transport of forest and wildlife products but also detection and quick response on any incident of forest fires in your respective areas,” the fax message reads.

To ensure security of the personnel who will man the checkpoints, the regional DENR executive had mandated the PENR and CENR Officers to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies for assistance.

The field officials were also instructed to submit to his Office exact locations of mobile checkpoints to be established for monitoring purposes.

“You are also reminded of the ‘One Strike One Out’ policy of the Secretary,” Atty. Aromin said.

The “One Strike One Out” policy was issued by Sec. Regina L. Lopez on Feb. 15, this year.# CCC