New DAO requires geo-tagging of land for PLAs

The integrity in the processing of public land applications (PLAs) is now ensured after the issuance of DENR Administrative Order No. 2016-22 on June 29, this year.

The Order requires the public land inspectors and or investigators “to take geo-tagged photographs showing the location of the subject lot and its existing improvements together with the actual occupant or his/her representative.”

“At least three (3) photographs of the subject area shall be taken using at least a 3.2 megapixel camera resolution,” the DAO specified. The photographs shall include the geographic position, and date and time of shooting.

The new instruction also provides that “the shots shall be taken at a distance that will show the different angles of the subject lot.” It requires that a picture of the investigator and or inspector in the subject lot shall also be taken.

“Taking geo-tagged photographs shall be at the cost of the government and at no time shall be charged to the applicants,” the Order further stressed.

In August 2015, Regional Director Benjamin T. Tumaliuan issued additional guidelines in public land surveys (PLS).

The guidelines require that after the Geographic Information System specialist certifies that the subject area is within alienable and disposable land (agricultural land), the inspection team from the CENR Office should conduct validation of the area taking geo-tagged photos inside the polygon. The geo-tagged photos should show the area including the validation team.

RD Tumaliuan also mandated that during the conduct of the survey, the PLS team should take, on a daily basis, geo-tagged photos individually and by group inside the polygon of the area.# CCC