TSD registers 44 cutting permits

The newly created Technical Services Division (TSD) of the PENR Office in Batanes recorded a total of 44 tree cutting permits from Jan. to Sept. this year.

According to PENR Officer George R. Reyes, the permits were issued to owners of private lots who intend to utilize the trees planted in their lots.

The permits issued are distributed as: Basco, 31; Uyugan, 8; Ivana, 2 and one each for Mahatao, Sabtang and Itbayat.

Explaining the procedure in the issuance of tree cutting permit, PENR Officer Reyes said: “The applicant should submit a request for tree cutting permit indicating the number of trees to be cut and the corresponding volume as well as the location of the trees.”

The provincial environment chief added that the request should be accompanied with a photo copy of the certificate of title of the lot where the trees are planted and original copy of certification from the barangay captain that the trees are located in the lot identified by the applicant. “These guide the team from the PENR Office in conducting inventory of the trees to be cut which is needed in the preparation of vicinity map,” he emphasized.

The request for tree cutting permit is forwarded to the DENR Regional Office for the issuance of clearance by the Regional Director. Upon clearance, the TSD processes the tree cutting permit for approval by the PENR Officer subject to strict compliance of the applicant with a number of terms and conditions.

Only the number of trees identified in the application with corresponding volume will be cut or removed and prior to tree cutting, a placard or signboard indicating the name of permittee, purpose of activities to be undertaken and number of trees to be cut/removed should be installed to inform the public that the tree cutting is authorized by the DENR.

The tree cutting operation shall be under the direct supervision of the PENR Officer or his duly authorized representative/s.

In case the wood materials will be transported by the permittee, the PENR Officer shall issue transport documents to cover the shipments within the province only.

To mitigate the negative impacts of the tree cutting to the locality, the permittee shall be required to undertake measure(s) during and after the cutting operation.

The permitee shall be required to replace 50 seedlings for every tree to be cut to be delivered to the PENR Office in support of the National Greening Program (NGP) pursuant to the Memorandum of Malacanang Executive Secretary dated October 20, 2011 and DENR Memorandum Order No. 2012-02.

Violation of any of the terms and conditions of the permit will be a ground for the cancellation of the permit, subject to due process, without prejudice to the imposition of appropriate penalties in accordance with existing regulations and one strike policy to the concerned DENR official or personnel. # VDB