April 22, 2015


Dear Co-workers,

Today, we commemorate the most important celebration for humanity - The 45th International Earth Day.

Earth day is everyday. We have 365 days in a year for us to engage in activities like planting trees in our backyard, cleaning our homes or workplaces, putting off our electrical gadgets when these are not needed; walking or biking instead of riding on motor vehicles. But our level of environmentalism can be increased a notch higher by strictly implementing environmental laws and regulations.

Yesterday, I wrote the holders of lumber dealer’s permits urging them to refrain from buying illegal lumber at all times in support of Executive Order No. 23. This is in line with the thrust of Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje to achieve zero-illegal logging hotspot by June 2015.

Earth Day is everywhere. We should not look for a special place to advance environmental cause. A garbage bin awaits its user; a vacant lot looks forward to a planter; a wounded eagle expects a rescue and a truckload of illegally cut lumber shouts for a vigilant action officer.

Earth Day is for everyone. As DENR personnel, we are obliged to care for the earth whoever we are. But caring can be more meaningful only if we have full knowledge of our habitat.

I have always been telling you that you should know the Department by heart. This has become mandatory and compelling when the DENR’s vision, mission and mandate including vital statistics are among the general questions I asked in the knowledge tests conducted in relation to the implementation of our Rationalization Plan. I am sure your increased knowledge about the Department enhances your level of commitment and consequently the performance of your duties and responsibilities.

Let the theme of this celebration - “Earth Day, Everyday, Everywhere, for Everyone”- remind us that caring for the earth is not bounded by time, place or status.


Regional Director