ERDS installs automated weather monitoring systems

Two automated weather monitoring systems were installed by the Ecosystems Research and Development Sector at the clonal nursery within the Rogelio B. Baggayan Nature Park and Wildlife Center in Carig, Tuguegarao City and in Maddarulug, Enrile, both in Cagayan on Feb. 28, this year.

The installation of the systems is part of two projects, namely; Application of Mycorrhiza and Other Soil Amendments in Improving Reforestation and Agroforestry in Cagayan Valley and Improved Rehabilitation Strategies, Schemes and Technologies for Highly Vulnerable, Severely Eroded Watersheds in Region 2.

The equipment will give accurate climatic data like existing temperature and rainfall in the two project sites as essential factors that influence the growth and development of plants. The data gathered help in achieving the climatic requirements for growth of plants in the clonal nurseries. # (charo caise)

Riverbank stabilization set for Claveria

The riverbank stabilization structure in Claveria, Cagayan will be constructed before June, this year.

On Oct. 8, 2012, the Supplemental Memorandum of Agreement between the DENR and the Local Government Unit of Claveria was signed as part of the Subproject Financing Agreement. The Asian Development Bank has also issued a “no objection letter” on Feb. 19, 2013 for the subproject’s compliance with social and environmental safeguards.

Mayor Celia T. Layus said the 120-meter stabilization facility in the mouth of the Cabicungan River will minimize soil erosion, river pollution and flooding in the six directly affected coastal barangays. It will also protect the coastal and marine resources of the town.

The subproject, third in the entire country approved for implementation by the Municipal Development Office, is aimed at addressing the basic social service needs of the coastal communities and support local government’s effort to mitigate coastal pollution and degradation of resources. The project has an approved budget of P10M.

The project started on Feb. 28, this year, and will run for 122 calendar days. # (drm)

Grinning for the greening program

His smiles indicate positive impression on the program he is working on and his articulacy on it radiates inspiration to the implementers and other partners as well.

This is how one can best describe Mang Donato Gammad, the chair of the Kadikitan Association for Community Development (KAFCD), the people’s organization that implements the National Greening Program in one of the remote barangays in Nagtipunan, the municipal boundary of Quirino and Aurora provinces.

He proudly toured us around the five-hectare NGP site awarded to him and other members of his family in 2011. In between the visit, he made it a point to say something like a tour guide trained to entertain his guests. “Sari-sari po ang aking mga tanim dito, may mais at (iba pang) cash crops. Habang nililinis ang mga puno ng mangga at rambutan at hinihintay ang pamumunga ng mga ito, meron po kaming pangmadaliang hanapbuhay,” he enthused about intercropping.

One of the cash crops that gives Mang Donato a livelihood is squash. It was coincidental that he just harvested his squashes for the third time. He said the second time he sold his produce in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, he earned P30,0000 when squash sells at P11.50 per kilo. This strengthens his realization that NGP addresses the issue on poverty in the uplands. And just like any other parent who is much concerned about the education of his children, he says: “…alam po namin na malaki ang tulong pinansyal sapagkat ngayon malapit nang mamunga (referring to the fruit-bearing trees) at makakatulong po ito sa aming mga anak na nag-aaral. Among his six children, he is sending four to school: senior and junior high school, Grade VII and elementary.

Keen on the objectives of NGP, Mang Donato says: “Malaki ang pasasalamat namin sapagkat bagama’t ito ay nakakatulong sa pangkasalukuyang pamumuhay at henerasyon, meron po tayong pangarap na makatulong din sa iba”. This is where he emphasized the ecological functions of trees which he termed as “di nakikitang benepisyo ng mga punongkahoy” like giving off fresh air, maintaining clean water (as the project site is located along the Cagayan River) and preventing soil erosion.

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Symposium marks World Wetlands Day

An environmental symposium entitled “Knowing our Wetlands” brought together 98 environment partners from the provincial government, different municipalities and academe in Isabela on February 5, 2013 at the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office in Ilagan City.

The symposium marks the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 2’s celebration of the World Wetlands Day. This year’s theme “Wetlands and Water Management” underlines the important hydrological functions of wetlands and the dependence of their health in the quality of water that reaches them.

Regional Public Affairs Office chief Victoria Baliuag stressed in her message the critical role of Information, Education and Communication in all projects of the Department.
During the symposium, two of the banner programs of the Department were also discussed. Forestry Specialist Arnold Frogoso lectured on the National Greening Program and Lands Specialist Mylene Madduma briefed the participants about public land titling. Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Specialist Felicitas Gammad discussed what wetlands are and the wetland sites in Isabela.

Also in attendance are Information Officers of the Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices in the province. PENRO Isabela hosted the symposium.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every 2nd day of February.# corie corpuz


Region 2 fire brigades on high alert

 firebrigade 1


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Cagayan Valley has alerted its forest fire teams with high temperature besetting numerous plantations established under the National Greening Program (NGP).

Since January this year, the DENR has reported 25 incidents of forest fire in Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino provinces which affected 900 hectares of plantations. Reported causes of forest fire include throwing of cigarette butts, burning of agricultural wastes, and burning of garbage along roadsides adjacent to the plantations.

“The fire occurrence is very alarming. Let’s be serious. Everybody should cooperate,” said Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Technical Services Felix C. Taguba in his recent meeting with information officers, NGP focal persons, forest fire team leaders and forest protection officers of the different provincial environment and natural resources (PENR) and community environment and natural resources (CENR) offices in the region.

ARD Taguba has ordered the field officials to conduct regular forest patrolling and monitoring including Information, Education and Communication (IEC) in communities adjacent to fire prone areas.

The regional technical services chief emphasized the urgent need to protect the NGP plantations because these are funded by taxpayers’ money.

As a strategy for forest fire prevention, the DENR will intensify its IEC through broadcast and regular meetings with upland communities to ensure their cooperation on forest fire prevention.

As proactive measures, the Department has conducted trainings and has mobilized its forest protection officers including those in the barangays, local government units, people’s organizations and NGP beneficiaries who are residing adjacent to fire prone areas. Firefighting tools and binoculars were also provided to the PENR and CENR offices aside from the lookout towers constructed in strategic places.

More than 66 million of forest and fruit-bearing trees planted in almost 82,000 hectares under the NGP from 2011 to 2018 are being guarded from forest fire.# CCC


Cimatu: No letup in strict enforcement of environmental laws

secretary batanes

Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu said there will no letup in the government effort to strictly enforce environmental laws and regulations designed to restore, preserve and protect the country’s rich environment and vast natural resources.

“We will prioritize the environment. We will strengthen our Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in the provincial level which job is to take care of the environment,” Cimatu told national and regional officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) during their management conference held in Batanes recently.

He said the Boracay problem should serve as a lesson not just for local government officials but also for those in the DENR who must be proactive in handling environmental concerns.

Cimatu said he plans to put up a DENR office in every tourist destination in the country, just like what he did in Boracay.

Even before Boracay was closed to tourists to pave the way for its rehabilitation, Cimatu already ordered the re-establishment of a Community Environment and Natural Resources Office there to ensure the sustainability of environmental programs intended solely for the world-famous island paradise.

Cimatu said he won’t recommend the reopening of Boracay until the fecal coliform contamination is addressed.

“The ball is in our hands. We have to bring down the coliform. This is non-negotiable,” Cimatu said, as he announced the deployment of some DENR and EMB regional directors to the island to solve the problem in a month.

The DENR chief also directed all his field officials to prioritize the cleanup of water bodies within their jurisdiction. “I am very particular on the cleanliness of our rivers,” he said, as he warned them of his one-strike policy for non-compliance.

Apart from strict enforcement of environmental laws, Cimatu reminded his field officials of their duty to ensure the protection and conservation of natural resources, particularly the forests.

He ordered them to ensure the cooperation and support of the local government in their respective areas of jurisdiction in the DENR’s forest protection and anti-illegal logging campaign.

Cimatu said that regional offices will not get commendation for “hot logs” they have confiscated, but for their effort to prevent trees from being cut.

He urged all other field officials to follow the example of Batanes, which has become a good model for protecting the environment. Batanes is the only province in the country, which has been declared as a protected area in its entirety. #



DENR, CEZA, LGU inspect Nangaramoan Beach

nangaramoan inspection


"We do not like to happen in Nangaramoan what happened in Boracay."

This was the statement of Cagayan Valley environment chief Atty. Gil A. Aromin during the joint site inspection by the DENR, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and Local Government Unit (LGU) of Sta. Ana in Nangaramoan Beach, Sta. Ana, Cagayan, on March 22, 2018. 

Regional Director Aromin emphasized that even before the situation in Boracay became a national issue, DENR Region 2 has already taken positive steps to contain and preserve the beach.
"What is best for the environment will be best for the people. All we have to do is to manage the resources properly and comply with environmental laws," Atty. Aromin added.

In January this year, business operation along Nangaramoan Beach, one of the world's finest beaches, was stopped for failure to comply with environmental laws and for violating Section 69 of Presidential Decree No. 705 as amended by Section 78 of Republic Act 7161, the Clean Water Act and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.

According to Engr. Avelino Natividad, chief safety officer of CEZA, self-demolition and clearing of establishments within the 20-meter salvage zone has already started.

After acquiring all the necessary documents such as the previous surveys of the site and the foreshore development and management plan, the DENR-CEZA-LGU team will convene to plan for necessary actions.

It can be recalled that in October 2017, the Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENR) Office of Aparri, CEZA and LGU Sta. Ana issued final notice to the president and members of the Nangaramoan Environmental Protectors Association to stop their business operation including further construction and improvement of establishments which were illegally erected.


There are 138 cottages, nine variety stores and five souvenir shops in Nangaramoan Beach.#



Parties ink Phil croc conservation hub

The population of Philippine Crocodile in Region 2 will soon increase following the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the establishment of a conservation center and groundbreaking ceremony held on Feb. 15, 2018 at the Isabela State University (ISU) - San Mariano campus.

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of San Mariano, ISU Echague campus, Mabuwaya Foundation Inc. and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will be jointly managing the Conservation Center.

In his message of support, DENR Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin expressed his gratitude to the partners for helping the Department in wildlife protection. “The DENR is the primary government agency mandated to protect and conserve our wildlife, however, we lack the technical and financial capabilities and facilities for the conservation of Philippine Crocodile,” Director Aromin said.

The LGU shall provide sand, gravel and boulders, and heavy equipment in the construction of the facility; designate information and tourist officer, and caretaker; promote the Philippine Crocodile breeding facility as a tourist attraction; and provide additional funding for the management of the facility.

For its part, the ISU shall allow the use of the designated area of 4,000 sq.m.; provide security during the construction period; and involve students and staff in the development if tge facility as a crocodile headstart and breeding center.

The provision of funding for the main construction of the facility including technical supervision of the building and management of the facility shall be shouldered by the Mabuwaya Foundation. It shall also provide technical supervision of crocodile husbandry and handling, and continue to source funding for the facility after year 2022.

As a requirement in the establishment of wildlife centers, the DENR issued the wildlife farm permit on Nov. 13, 2017.

The DENR shall also provide logistics, technical assistance and other related services in the establishment and maintenance of the facility.

The monitoring of the facility will be jointly undertaken by LGU San Mariano, ISU Echague, Mabuwaya Foundation and the DENR.

The Philippine Crocodile is considered as one of the rarest crocodile species in the world and classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

RD Aromin urged the partners to collaborate for the success of the initiative. “Let the Philippine Crocodile Conservation Center in this Region be known and be the exemplary conservation center throughout the country,” he said.#


Isabela LGU to pilot anew land titling program in Region 2

handog titulo

Inspired by the full support of the local government unit in the LGU-led Titling Program, the regional environment chief announced the pilot implementation of Rapid Land Tenure Appraisal (RLTA), a systematic land titling approach, in Quirino, Isabela.

Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin made this pronouncement during the awarding of land patents to 120 land owners held on Feb. 13, 2018 at the Quirino Coliseum.

The Cagayan Valley chief recalled that the partnership in land titling between the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and LGU Quirino started in 2012 when he convinced Mayor Jossie Maria Bella L. Juan to enrol in the LGU-led titling initiative of the Department. Regional Director Aromin was then the regional technical director for Land Management Sector.

The partnership resulted in the launch of the LGU-led Titling program on Sept. 25, 2013 and the signing of the Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA) on June 23, 2014 making Quirino town the pilot in Region 2.

As required in the MOPA, the LGU headed by Mayor Juan created the LGU-led Titling Office and designated personnel to operate it. The local chief executive also created the LGU-led Titling Council.

“Hindi po natatapos ang tulong ng DENR,” vowed RD Aromin as he expressed his commitment to the mayor that all untitled lots will be titled before her term ends.

“Through the partnership of the DENR and the LGU, the processing of titles has been facilitated, thus, our constituents need not undergo the long, complicated and expensive process of land titling,” Mayor Juan said.

The local chief executive added that the awarding of patents is a dream come true to her constituents who have been longing to have their lands titled.

Emphasizing the benefits of titling to the LGU, Mayor Juan said through the land titles, revenue collection in the form of real property taxes increases thereby improving economic development in the municipality.#

Photo Releases

RESILIENCE GAME - Officials and employees from DENR regional and field offices play the Resilience: Survive and Thrive Game on Oct. 23, at the Narra Hall, DENR Regional Office, Tuguegarao City as part of the training on Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) for Reef Cryptobiodiversity, and Ocean Acidification. The players who are implementers of the Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program, acted as community leaders competing to have the most developed community without sacrificing the environment. The deployment of ARMS will mimic the complexity of coral reefs to attract and collect colonizing invertebrates and provide a systematic, consistent, and comparable method to monitor cryptic reef diversity. After the orientation, the implementers together with experts from University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute, De La Salle University and National Museum will proceed to Palaui Island in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. #
SIGHTED AT LAST – This Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor was spotted at Chadpidan, Basco, Batanes on Nov. 1, this year, by Forester Samuel P. Telan, Enforcement chief of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office. The species is also sighted in Barangay Savidug of Sabtang town today (Nov. 3), the same site where it was observed on Dec. 5, last year after it was last seen in Mahatao from March to May 2011. The other reported sightings were in Olango Wildlife Sanctuary in Lapu-Lapu City in 2013; and Candaba Swamp in Pampanga and Puerto Princesa, Palawan, both in 2015. The species categorized as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is being monitored daily to ensure its protection. # (photo by R.Y. Abad and text by V.D. Baliuag) 
FOREST PROTECTION POLICY – “There will be trainings for forest protection officers on handling firearms,” told Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin in an interview with Latigo Online TV as he discussed the policy of DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu for a ‘more successful implementation of forest protection’. The Secretary initiated the arming of FPOs after learning that some officers in some regions were shot while apprehending illegal loggers. The hiring of lawyers is also a part of the Secretary’s policy where 16 were already employed for the 16 CENR Offices in Region 2. “It is a big boost to our efforts against illegal forest activities,” said Atty. Aromin.#
OUTSTANDING NIPAS-MPA – (From left to right) DENR Cagayan Valley Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Technical Services Felix C. Taguba, ARD for Management Services William C. Savella, Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin, PENR Officer of Cagayan Marlon C. Agnar, Protected Area Superintendent of Palaui Island Protected Landscape and Seascape (PIPLS) Rodante A. Galamay and CENR Officer of Aparri Edgar T. Martin  present the plaque and cheque received in the Para el MAR 2017 Marine Protected Area Awards and Recognition during the Monday Convocation on Oct. 23, this year at DENR Regional Office, Tuguegarao City. PIPLS was awarded Third Outstanding National Integrated Protected Areas System – Marine Protected Areas (NIPAS-MPA) by the MPA Support Network in October 19-20 at Iloilo Convention Center, Iloilo City. Batanes Protected Landscapes and Seascapes was also included in the top 8 finalists selected from 200 entries nationwide. Para El MAR is a biennial activity that highlights the best practices of coastal managers in MPA management. #
ENSURING MENTAL FITNESS – Atty. Gil A. Aromin, Regional Director of DENR Region 2, leads the compulsory drug test of regional and field officials on Nov. 27, 2017 at the City Health Office in Tuguegarao City. This is in adherence to Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 13 s. 2017 providing guidelines in the mandatory random drug test for public officials and employees. The mandatory drug test ensures “effective and efficient service, free from the hazards of drug use in the workplace.” It is also part of the wellness program of the Office. #
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT UPDATES – DENR Region 2 Administrative Division Chief Lilia dL. Abel discusses recent guidelines on the issuance of appointments and other human resource actions during the Workshop on Competency-based System for DENR Technical and Support Positions held on November 23, this year at the Narra Hall, DENR Regional Office, Tuguegarao City. The new rules are provided under Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 1701009 promulgated on June 16, 2017. The Chief, Administrative Officer also presented the revised DENR Merit Selection and Promotion Plan emphasizing on the composition and responsibilities of the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (then Selection and Promotion Board).#


BACK TO THE WILDERNESS – Newly designated Batanes OIC, PENR Officer Ilarde C. Viernes releases on Nov. 21, 2017 a Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula at Chadpidan Lake in Basco town after it was turned over by Police Officers Jensen Cobaria, Denvy Lurlaine Zureta and Darna Paco of the Mahatao Police Station. The migratory bird species, having the conservation status of “Least Concern” by the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN) was surrendered to the Police Officers by school children in Mahatao. Witnessing the release are Basco Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer Carlito Cari, and key officials and personnel of the PENR Office. #
1ST CAGAYAN RIVER BASIN SUMMIT – DENR Cagayan Valley Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin delivers his message during the opening program of the 1st Cagayan River Basin Summit on November 28, 2017 in Santiago City, Isabela. "We are here to see the best practices of other river basin managements. This will also stir up consciousness among ourselves on how to protect our rivers," the regional environment chief said. The activity aimed to address Cagayan River concerns such as the deterioration of its water quality and the lowering of its water supply, by gaining techniques from other successfully managed river basins in the country. In the two-day event, resource speakers from the local government of Iloilo and Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission shared their best practices in river basin management before the members of the Cagayan River Basin Management Council and other stakeholders from Regions 2 and 3 and the Cordillera Administrative Region.#


LATEST DISCOVERY IN BATANES – This Oriental Pratincole Glareola malvidarum was discovered by the team from the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office during the conduct of Biodiversity Monitoring System   in the island municipality of Sabtang. Sighted   at Diblolon of Barangay Savidug on March 7, 2018, the bird is considered the latest record of avian species in the biodiversity-rich province.   Oriental Pratincoles are common in drier open areas, dry rice fields, pasture areas and plowed fields. They are seen in large groups. #
EMPOWERING WEOS – Batanes OIC, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (PENR) Officer Ilarde C. Viernes reorients the deputized Wildlife Enforcement Officers (WEOs) on their duties and responsibilities on March 13, this year at the municipal hall of Itbayat. After the short reorientation session, the WEOs were given their protective gears in order to become more effective and efficient in their work. With OIC, PENR Officer Viernes are (L-R) Sangguniang Bayan Member Alejandria C. Asa; Sangguniang Bayan Member Onesimo G. Manzo; OIC, Mayor Zenas Labrador; Technical Services Division Chief Dionicio C. Deundo; Environmental Management Specialist Antonio Mina of the Environmental Management Bureau; and Enforcement Chief Samuel P. Telan. #
ENSURING GOOD WATER QUALITY – “All local government units are mandated to put up a septage management system in order to prevent sanitation problems,” says DENR Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin during the 1st Quarter Pinacanauan de Tuguegarao Water Quality Management Area (PdT-WQMA) Governing Board Meeting held at the Carmelita Hotel, Tuguegarao City on April 3, this year. Director Aromin said if local government units (LGUs) cannot establish a waste water treatment facility, they should at least require every household to have their own septic tank. “But these septic tanks must be devised by either the LGU or the Department of Health to make sure that there will be no seepage of effluent underground,” Atty. Aromin added. He also emphasized that the harmonized efforts of the DENR, Environmental Management Bureau, Mines and Geosciences Bureau and LGUs in formulating approaches will have a great impact in addressing environmental problems, especially on the water quality of the region. “Let us all come together to ensure that Cagayan Valley will sustain good water quality for the community,” the regional environment chief enthused. Pinacanauan River, which traverses along Tuguegarao City and Peñablanca, was designated as WQMA by virtue of Department Administrative Order No. 2013-06. The meeting was attended by representatives from concerned LGUs, barangays within the WQM area, different line agencies, academe, business sectors and other partners who are members of the governing board. #
GREENING THE MOUNTAIN, GREENING THE OCEAN – Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin (2nd from left, front row) and Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Regional Director Mario A. Ancheta (3rd from left, front row), lead the officials and employees of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office in Batanes and the Local Government Unit of Ivana in planting about 1,500 Arius seedlings in Barangay Radiwan. The tree planting was held on April 19, this year in observance of the International Earth Day celebrated every 22nd of April. MGB Mine Management Division Chief Geoffrey Prado (4th from left, front row) and 56 beneficiaries of Special Program for Employment of Students under LGU Ivana also joined the tree planting. After the tree planting, the DENR and MGB team conducted a coastal cleanup along Kadpidan Beach adjacent to Ivana Marine Protected Area. #
INSTITUTIONALIZING GOOD HOUSEKEEPING – Management Services Division Chief Victoria D. Baliuag spearheads the official launch of 5S and Ecological Solid Waste Management in PENRO Batanes on June 6, 2018 as a highlight of the Environment Month celebration. Memorandum Circular No. 2018-03 issued by Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin directs the implementation of the program regionwide.#
SOCIAL MARKETING – Dibang, the mascot of the flagship species for Batanes Protected Landscapes and Seascapes (BPLS) has her first exposure during the cultural parade opening the 235th Batanes Foundation Anniversary held on June 26, 2018. The mascot is a social marketing tool under the Flagship Communication Campaign of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program (CMEMP). The flagship species was selected by the different environmental stakeholders in October last year through a Focus Group Discussion. The mascot was officially launched by OIC, Regional Director Atty Gil A. Aromin and OIC, PENR Officer Marcelo G. Bumidang on June 25, 2018. Dibang is the Ivatan term for flying fish.#


STRENGTHENING CRBMC -- “Each agency has an important role to play. What we will agree upon today will spell out what will happen to the Cagayan River Basin,” says DENR Region 2 Regional Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin as he welcome participants to the Regional Technical Working Group Meeting of the Cagayan River Basin Management Council (inset) on July 12, 2018, at the Narra Hall, DENR Regional Office. Among the agenda of the meeting are the presentation of the proposed additional thematic areas of concern to be included in the organizational structure and the creation of Addalam Sub-River Basin Management Committee. These are in preparation to the Executive Committee Meeting to be held on July 18-19, 2018 in the province of Quirino. OIC, Regional Director of National Economic and Development Authority Region 2, Engr. Ferdinand T. Tumaliuan, presided over the meeting. #
NUTRI-ADVOCACY – Information and Communication Technology Chief Roderick Y. Abad feeds the minds of 100 Kindergarten and Grades I-III pupils of Diptan Elementary School in Basco, Batanes on July 6, 2018 as part of the Nutrition Month Celebration. The pupils were treated with free food while listening to the lecture cum film showing on wild animals found in the province. Debbie, the mascot of Batanes Protected Landscapes and Seascapes (BPLS) delighted the pupils with her second public exposure.  On the same day, the PENR Office personnel planted 500 seedlings of Arius and Malugay at Sitio Maluyloy in Barangay San Antonio as part of the month-long celebration. #

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