ERDS clonal nursery, seedling facility undergo expansion for PQPM

March 24, 2014

ERDS clonal nursery, seedling facility undergo expansion for PQPM

In line with the objective of National Greening Program (NGP) to plant 1.5 billion of trees in about 1.5 million hectares from 2011 to 2016, the clonal nursery and seedling facility of the Ecosystems Research and Development Sector (ERDS) had undergone physical and structural expansion for the Production of Quality Planting Materials (PQPM).

The facility expansion and upgrading included the construction of additional 10 elevated rooting beds with complete roofing and equipped with water system. The lower part of each potting bed is also utilized as recovery area to maximize space. All seedlings ready for hardening are transferred to the newly expanded hardening areas covered with multi-layered nets. The seedlings are gradually exposed to increasing sunlight intensity until they are ready for field planting.

The newly constructed seed bank building will serve as depository of seeds collected from individual plus trees (IPTs) located within seed production areas (SPAs) in the region. SPAs are areas where there are good IPTs which serve as good seed sources. The seeds are packed with complete label such as common name, scientific name, seed source, seed count per kilogram and other vital information for record purposes.

The collected seeds shall be used for mass propagation of seedlings to augment the seedlings needed by the different Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Offices and Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices in the Region for NGP and for disposal to the public and private individuals.

The planting requirements of NGP for this year will no longer be purchased but should come from clonal nurseries of the DENR and academic institution in the region. Non-government organizations also produce seedlings for the Program. #JPC


 Region 2 reactivates envi law enforcement group

2019 09 

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police (PNP) have agreed to include in their enforcement activities other environmental laws whenever requested by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

This agreement was made after DENR Cagayan Valley Chief Atty. Antonio A. Abawag solicited the assistance of these law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of illegal transport of mineral products during the Regional Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force (RAILTF) meeting held earlier at the DENR Regional Office in Tuguegarao City.

Director Abawag said the DENR will expand the deputation of ENR Officers to the members of the Task Force. They will be required to participate in the law enforcement training before their deputation.

The meeting resulted in the draft memorandum of agreement (MOA) reactivating the operationalization of the RAILTF. The MOA redefines the roles and obligations of the member agencies and the engagement of the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard.

The MOA will provide quick response to verified reports of environmental violations within the region. It will also improve environmental law enforcement from deterrence, investigation, arrest and searches to prosecution.

The RAILTF was created in accordance with Resolution No. 2011-003 of the National Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force which defined the roles of the local government units and other law enforcement agencies.

The Task Force is mandated to take the lead in the anti-illegal logging campaign. It may call upon the support of any department, bureau and office to assist in the discharge of its functions, such as but not limited to the provision of administrative and technical assistance, logistical support and detail of personnel.

During the meeting, Atty. Abawag ordered the Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers to closely coordinate with the battalion and unit commanders of the Philippine Army and the PNP in conducting anti-illegal logging operations. #CCC



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