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daycare center

The DENR 2 Day Care Center, with capacity of 50 heads, was built to take care of employees' children and grandchildren while they are in their nursery stage or when their nannies are absent.





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One major concern of the management now a days is addressing efficiency and effectiveness of employees in the workplace. The DENR R02 in particular has been conducting seminar on capability building, personnel management and team building. Such trainings do not absolutely resolve the problem of employees’ efficiency. For instance, a working mother with multiple tasks in the office as well in her dwelling unit doing the usual household activities aside from rearing of the children from health care to education. In short, the work performance of an employee-mother is much affected.

To address such concern, DENR Region 02 has revived the operationalization of Day Care Center with two-pronged functions, to wit:

a) As Nanny Center and
b) As Semi- Formal Education Center

As early as October 2011, the Regional Executive Director has opened two jobs, namely: Day Care Center Teacher and Assistant Teacher.

These two jobs were duly announced and notices were posted in conspicuous places of DENR Regional Office, PENRO Cagayan and CENRO Tuguegarao and to our Regional Website.

On January 2012, deliberation was conducted for hiring a Nanny with qualifications and conditions hereunder enumerated:

a) At least 21-50 years of age with minimum 3 year experience as yaya/nanny within the Philippines
b) Application Letter
c) Certification of Good Moral Character from previous employer/s;
d) Certification from the Barangay Captain/Police;
e) Duly fille-uo Biodata with 2X2 ID picture;
f) After passing the screening, the applicant shall undergo a probationary 3 month contract.
g) Must be physically fit to take care of children in their tender ages (2-4 year old); and
h) With a salary of P5,000.00/month.

Guidelines prescribing the steps and procedures for nannying services of the Day Care was immediate formulated. 

Day Care Center (Nannying) Guidelines

Who are qualified to become recipients of the DENR Day Care ( Nannying ) Center?

a.) All Kids including the grandsons and granddaughters whose YAYAS or NANNIES are on sick leave or indefinite leave or AWOL.
b.) All Kids or grandsons or grand daughters who have no Yayas and their mothers or grand mothers are on the process of looking a Nanny or a Yaya.

How to become a Recipient?

a) Registration forms are available at the GAD Center which must be personally filled-up by the parents or guardians

b) Immediately upon submission of the duly filled-up Registration form, the Registrar shall enter in the Roster of Registrants

What are its In-house Policies?

The concerned GAD Focal Person of the Sector shall orient the parent on the policies of the center

When will be the launching?

The Registrar shall announce the date of launching the center operationalization on January 9, 2012.

In-house Policies

a) Nannying shall be from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

b) The Center shall only provide nannying efforts while snacks and lunch including food supplements shall be provided by the parents/guardians.

c) Feeding of the child during morning and afternoon snacks and lunch time is the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians. A parent/ guardian is given a maximum feeding period of 20 minutes.

d) A child admitted at the Center must be physically and mentally fit. Upon admission, the parent must submit a medical certificate.

e) A child who suffers from both minor and major illnesses which are contagious can not be admitted. However, upon submission of proofs of full recovery, the child can already be admitted.

f) A Nanny is mandated to observe extraordinary care and protection over the children under her custody. As such, any injuries that a child may incur within the premises of the center, the Nanny is answerable or liable. However those injuries inflicted upon the child beyond the control of the Nanny, the latter shall not be liable with the condition that he evidence is immediately reported to the concerned parent/guardian thru cellphone.                           

g) Outdoor Activities are very limited and are only performed when properly coordinated with concerned parents/guardians. Therefore the 8am- 5pm nannying shall be confined within a ventilated closed room but open windows equipped with 3 wall-fans.                                                                   

h) Children are not allowed to bring any pointed objects inside the room. Parents/Guardians are also advised not to use glass-based food containers. The Nanny has the right not allow.


 Region 2 reactivates envi law enforcement group

2019 09 

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police (PNP) have agreed to include in their enforcement activities other environmental laws whenever requested by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

This agreement was made after DENR Cagayan Valley Chief Atty. Antonio A. Abawag solicited the assistance of these law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of illegal transport of mineral products during the Regional Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force (RAILTF) meeting held earlier at the DENR Regional Office in Tuguegarao City.

Director Abawag said the DENR will expand the deputation of ENR Officers to the members of the Task Force. They will be required to participate in the law enforcement training before their deputation.

The meeting resulted in the draft memorandum of agreement (MOA) reactivating the operationalization of the RAILTF. The MOA redefines the roles and obligations of the member agencies and the engagement of the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard.

The MOA will provide quick response to verified reports of environmental violations within the region. It will also improve environmental law enforcement from deterrence, investigation, arrest and searches to prosecution.

The RAILTF was created in accordance with Resolution No. 2011-003 of the National Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force which defined the roles of the local government units and other law enforcement agencies.

The Task Force is mandated to take the lead in the anti-illegal logging campaign. It may call upon the support of any department, bureau and office to assist in the discharge of its functions, such as but not limited to the provision of administrative and technical assistance, logistical support and detail of personnel.

During the meeting, Atty. Abawag ordered the Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers to closely coordinate with the battalion and unit commanders of the Philippine Army and the PNP in conducting anti-illegal logging operations. #CCC



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